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Hotpage News is a ’CHEAT SHEET’ for the most interesting, unique and trending stories on the web. Hourly, we surveil 350 global news sites and distill the thousands of stories to our ‘Top 100 Stories from the Web’.


Hotpage News is a non-computer-generated news site. Thinking humans, not computer algorithms, scour hundreds of new sources worldwide and aggregate the most interesting headlines.

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Politics (Middle of the Road ‘Liberal Republican-Conservative Democrat)

Politics tend to dominate the news cycles these days and news outlets tend to fall pretty clearly on the right or left, like the Drudge Report, Fox News, Breitbart.... on the Right and CNN, MSNBC, NBC, NYT, Vox, Daily Beast, The Huffington Post.... on the Left. We fall in the middle.


John Albert, our chief editor, brings over 20 years of experience and perspective to his selection of news articles in Hotpage News ‘Top 100 Stories from the Web’. Prior to Hotpage News, John founded and ran his own business for 16 years called Wall Street Source, which was a news and information company that catered to the finance industry. Wall Street Source collated the top world, US, business, tech, political stories on the web for the largest financial institutions in the world.


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