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  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin can battle major depression, scientists findTelegraph
  • More kids should get weight-loss surgery, even some preteensSTAT NEWS
  • Blue light from screens could speed aging, study suggestsUPI
  • Asbestos in talcum powder linked to deadly cancerUPI
  • Our diets are killing us and doctors aren't trained to helpThe Hill
  • Unlicensed medical 'cures' are flourishing in closed Facebook groups, where cancer treatments — and even surgery — are sold beyond the reach of the lawBusiness Insider
  • Cholesterol-lowering statins may not help many who take themUPI
  • Vaping deaths climb to 33, with 1,479 lung injuries: CDCUPI
  • CDC warns to get shots before start of flu seasonUPI
  • More than two dozen now dead from vaping lung illness as outbreak spreads, CDC saysCNBC
  • Unanticipated drops in income can affect heart healthUPI
  • Having a dog can lower risk of death from heart attack, strokeUPI
  • Researchers find e-cigarettes cause lung cancer in mice in first study tying vaping to cancerCNBC
  • ‘Totally bizarre!’ — nutritionists see red over study downplaying the health risks of red meatMarketwatch
  • 'A direct, toxic chemical injury': This is what vaping can do to lungsNBC News
  • Some tea bags release billions of tiny plastic particles when steeping, study saysUSA Today
  • This flu season could be a nasty one. Get a shot now, CDC says. Here's what to knowUSA Today
  • Study: Two weeks of no exercise enough to damage fit people's bodiesUPI
  • Chemicals in tap water could cause 100,000 cases of cancer in U.S.CBS News
  • A 2-year study says that using Facebook may destroy your physical and emotional healthBusiness Insider
  • Air pollution inside my house could kill me. What are you breathing in at your home?USA Today
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