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  • Secret Air Force Space Plane Lands After More Than 2 Years In OrbitNPR
  • The universe is expanding faster than scientists thought, a study confirms - a 'crisis in cosmology' that could require a 'new physics'Business Insider
  • Space collisions a growing concern as Earth orbit gets more crowdedUPI
  • How Vaping Nicotine Can Affect A Teenage BrainNPR
  • Green rooftops surge in popularity, offer environmental benefitsAXIOS
  • 3 Share Nobel Prize In Chemistry For Development Of Lithium-Ion BatteriesNPR
  • Nobel prizes in physics awarded for helping understand universe structure and Earth’s place in the cosmosMarketwatch
  • 3 get Nobel Medicine prize for learning how cells use oxygenAssociated Press
  • Stanford scientists invent gel that could protect trees from wildfireUPI
  • Elon Musk Unveils SpaceX's New Starship Plans for Private Trips to the Moon, Mars and BeyondSpace
  • Climate change could trigger droughts in wheat-growing regionsUPI
  • UN Report Warns Climate Change Is AcceleratingBloomberg
  • Huge, mysterious 'bubbles' discovered at the heart of the Milky WayNBC News
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