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  • Mega Millions jackpot rises to record $1.55 billion for Tuesday's drawingNews
  • U.S. eliminated from Women's World Cup in heartbreaking loss to SwedenNews
  • Florida man went to extreme measures to survive being lost at sea for nearly 2 days | CNNNews
  • Video: Los Angeles is offering the homeless motel roomsNews
  • More Baby Boomers are living alone.News
  • Zoom asks employees to return to office for first time since COVID-19 pandemicNews
  • Still Dreaming of Retirement in the Sun Belt?News
  • Jamie Foxx accused of antisemitism after post about Jews 'killing' JesusNews
  • Video shows open-air prostitution in yet another NYC neighborhood as hookers stroll in broad daylightNews
  • My HOA board were arrested over $2m stolen from residentsNews
  • Democrats are overperforming in 2023's special elections. Is it a clue for Biden vs. Trump?News
  • Russia and China Sent Large Naval Patrol Near AlaskaNews
  • Donald Trump Has Sunday Morning Meltdown on Social Media, Attacking Judge in DC Case, Nancy Pelosi, Jack Smith: Contempt Coming?News
  • 9 people injured after 'violent' demonstration at Toronto park: 'I am shocked'News
  • Forget the lantern fly. A mysterious new pest has scientists sounding the alarm.News
  • Back-to-school shopping to cost Americans more than ever amid inflation spikeNews
  • Job expert pushes back on cultural 'stigma' having a 'disturbing' impact on skilled work, generational handoffNews
  • Mark Zuckerberg says he's 'ready today' for fight against Elon Musk:News
  • Over $1 trillion needed for developing nations' climate transitionlNBC News
  • 'Barbie' to top $1 billion at the global box office SundayCNBC
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